WATCH: Things Get Spooky on the Ghost Tour at Discovery Harbour

Don't miss the Ghost Tours, every Wednesday until August 24th from 9pm-10:30pm!

Do you believe in ghosts?


After ten years working as a Historical Interpreter for Discovery Harbour, Mitch Huguenin still has his doubts. But after countless stories of unexplained voices, footsteps, faces in windows (GASP!) and more, you have to wonder…  “Is there truth behind all these ghost stories after all?!?”

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I tried to be brave, but even the most courageous and skeptic of people can sometimes get frightened by something unexplained…

Here’s a sneak peek at one of the MANY spooky stories you’ll hear on the tours…

Even if Ghost Tours aren’t your thing, Discovery Harbour is an absolute must-see!

Tracing its roots back to the War of 1812, it was built as a British naval and military base, designed to safeguard access to Upper Canada. Occupied by military until 1856, the site attracted an incredibly diverse group of people, from Europeans to Métis, First Nations and more. The rich history even includes our tour guide Mitch’s own ancestors, who lived there centuries ago.

Ghost Tours are $10 per person (plus HST!). For more information, click here.