Waterfront Stadium Pitched To Barrie City Hall

Facility Could Take Up Residence Near Lakeshore and Minet's Point

Imagine a stadium on Barrie’s waterfront that could seat thousands. That’s what Barrie City Council was asked to do at Monday night’s meeting. Barrie businessman Jamie Massie said the proposed facility, near the corner of Lakeshore Drive and Minet’s Point Road, would seat up to 4,000 people, to take in events like Barrie Baycats games and live concerts…

The rough draft carries the name Military Heritage Place, given its proximity to the under-construction green space next door. The facility would have a restaurant, commercial, and retail space, and could serve as the home to Barrie’s Sports Hall of Fame. City Hall was asked to participate in a feasibility study to see if the stadium could even work on the waterfront in the first place.