WayHome Fashion

6 Fashion Items You Must Have At WayHome.

Mirrored Sunnies

Protect yourself from the blazing sun but also complete your whole look with these babies.



There are multiple ways to rock the bandana. Two of them are around your neck and around your head to keep the hair off your face. And it might come in handy if you tend to get sweaty!

Los Angeles Times / Self-Made Bags

Bardot Tops

Where else will you get to wear a flowy, off-the-shoulder top like this? It’s pretty much confined to music festivals and it just screams WayHome!

Outfit Ideas HQ


These have been back from the ’90s for a while now and are definitely a music festival must-have.

Daily Mail

Slogan Tees

These are the best because you look cool and you’ll be comfy.

Urban Outfitters

Holographic accessories

Like the fanny pack! Like it or not, the fanny pack is back and in a huge way. You may blind people with the brightness of it but you’ll be totally in fashion. In all seriousness, the fanny pack is a perfect replacement for a purse. Hands-free!


Main Image via The Girly Girl