Waypoint Addresses Union Concerns About Employee Safety

Agree safety is paramount

Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care at Penetanguishene has responded to an ad campaign launched on behalf of workers there about conditions at the facility; about violent attacks by patients against staff, and security in general. “I’ve been punched so hard I was knocked unconscious and suffered a brain bleed,” says one worker from Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care. “I’ve seen a patient throw boiling water on a co-worker’s face,” says another. Waypoint officials agree that safety is paramount for all concerned, adding they are working through a list of issues brought to the attention of the Ministry of Labour to determine what safety measures are in place and what could be enhanced. A release from Waypoint notes, “We are constantly monitoring workplace incidents and have experienced a year over year downward trend in lost time injury frequency (rate of injuries per 100 full time staff) and it is…comparable to the provincial health care rate group.