We Can Learn A Thing Or Two About This Pandemic Through The Past

How people 100 years ago dealt with pandemics

It appears that many people would rather risk getting sick than be celibate.  History repeats itself, so why not learn a few things from the past.


For example, in 1918 the Spanish flu killed 50 million people worldwide.  So what did people do to protect themselves when needing a little affection.


One thing they did to make kissing safer was smooching through a handkerchief, perhaps this is why we call it hanky-panky?

In 1918, an article in Popular Science Monthly encourages people to kiss using a pan…

“Scientists warn us that kisses are unhygienic — transmitting all sorts of dangerous disease germs. Most of us are willing to run this risk, but there are always a few careful ones who strive after the pure and perfect kiss,” the article continued.