We Feel Tired Three Days A Week!

Quality over quantity

The National Sleep Foundation conducted their annual sleep in America poll, and found that people are tired three days a week.

62% of people say that they just try and shake it off, rather than rest.  And being tired is really effecting people’s personalities. 

Those who feel sleepy five to seven days a week report especially high rates of irritability (52 percent), headaches (40 percent), and feeling unwell (34 percent). 

The Sleep study says that it’s not that people are getting enough sleep, but rather not sleeping well when they do. 

The National Sleep Foundation says that adults 18-64 should try and sleep 7-9 hours and those over 65, should sleep 7-9 hours per day.

Only 16% say that they rarely ever feel tired. 

Signs that you’ve had a good night’s rest include waking up feeling refreshed, alert and be able to be fully productive!

The eight most common things we do are to try to shake it off: get some fresh air, drink coffee, take a nap, drink a soda or other drink with caffeine, eat some sugar, chew gum, and take a stimulant, either one that was prescribed or we bought over-the-counter.