We Get More Excited About Valentine’s Day Than Christmas!

A new survey found more of us look forward to Valentine’s Day than Christmas.

New trend is to leave up your Christmas Tree and redecorate it with hearts for Valentines day!

81% of adults said they genuinely get excited for Valentine’s Day, compared to just 68% who get excited for the holidays.


The majority of us don’t think of it as just a romantic holiday though.  63% will celebrate with a significant other this year.  But 61% will also celebrate with family, 59% with friends, 51% with their kids, and 28% will do something for their pets.


The top ways we plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year are by giving gifts, going out for dinner, cooking a special meal at home, treating ourselves to some “me time”, and sending cards.  But our #1 GOAL for Valentine’s Day is to RECEIVE gifts.


Our top Valentine’s Day goals are to get gifts, show our partner how much we care, BUY people gifts, impress someone specific, and spend extra time with loved ones.