We Start To Struggle With Everyday Activities “Like Walking Up Stairs” At This Age

New research says that 60 is the age when most people begin to struggle with day-to-day activities…

If you are physically active and exercise into your 60’s,  you are much more likely to hold on to your independence for longer…

The study of over 1000 UK adults found that one in four to one in five of those who do little to no exercise find simple day to day activities physically demanding as early as age 60.

28% of those 60 and over who don’t exercise struggle to climb stairs.

With this said, 18% over 60 say that regular exercise is important, with 36% of those saying they are physically active at least 4 times a week.

One in Five 60+ say they intend to stay active in order to do more activities with their grandkids.

Swimming tops the list of things (31%) they can do to stay in shape, followed by walking, cycling, yoga and pilates, and dance classes!