We’d Rather Watch Something We Don’t Like To Avoid An Argument With Our Person!

What will you be watching tonight!

According to new research, the average person in a relationship will spend 408 hours a year watching something they don’t particularly like out of love for their partner.


Four hours on average is spent in front of the TV where only one person is into the show or movie.


Two in three (65%) think their willingness to sit through a show or movie they despise is a sign of true love.


Of those currently living with others (89%), two in three admitted the process of deciding “what to watch” is a complete hassle.


Almost 70% of people would rather just watch something that they don’t like to avoid an argument.


The amount of content available now makes the decision process a lot harder with 64% of people wasting hours scrolling through channels and steaming menus.


Two out of three people admit that they get overwhelmed and usually give up and watch something that they’ve already seen.