Weird Food Combinations That Are Actually Delicious

Don't Knock It Until You've Tried It

One of my favourite things to eat is Granny Smith apple slices, sprinkled with salt. It’s a combination I’ve eaten since I was a little kid and never thought anything of it – until I was enjoying my snack in the office one day and someone remarked that it was sort of strange. I urged them to try it, and they were hooked. That got me thinking – what other weird and wonderful food combinations are out there that might change my world? Here are 4 surprising food fusions that turn out to be quite delicious.

Cheese & Jelly

OK, this one isn’t exactly revolutionary. Jams and jelly’s on a cheese tray is nothing new. BUT when you turn this combo into a grilled cheese (like the Brie and Blackberry combo below) it’s life-changing. Trust me.

Peanut Butter & Bacon

I have a friend, and any time we go out for breakfast he orders and extra side of bacon to make a peanut butter and bacon sandwich with. I used to think he was really strange, until I tried it. It’s the perfect salty-sweet combo. Another exciting variation? Peanut butter & bacon on your burger. BOOM!

Courtesy FourteenSixty on Flickr

Broccoli & Cheetos

OK, I was skeptical on this one too. Why would I not just have cheese sauce on my broccoli? Who invented this recipe, Britney Spears? But once I tried it, I was pleasantly surprised. The broccoli-cheese combo is nothing knew, but using cheetos as a garnish adds some crunch and way more flavour than your usual cheese sauce. And since you’re eating with a fork – no orange fingers. Bonus.

Courtesy of Saveur Magazine

Apple Slices & Salt

Since this was the combo that inspired this article, I had to include it. A couple of important points – the apple must be Granny Smith, it must be sliced, and be sure to distribute the salt evenly. The salt brings out the sweetness in this otherwise tart apple. You’re welcome!