Weird Things Parents Do

If you've done any of these things as a parent, you are not alone!

Parents of children, especially small children, may find themselves doing and saying some pretty strange things. What strange things have you done since becoming a parent?

Sneak Care Attacks


It’s winter and her little cheeks are starting to get rough but she has decided she won’t put lotion on her face. I mean, you can convince her, for a couple of days, to put it on with the back of her ‘paws’ like a cat cleaning her face. But, the rest of the time, you have to wait until she sleeps, then put it on gently. This also applies to eucalyptus rub on her chest. She needs it because of her stuffy nose but she won’t let you put it on. So, you wait till she sleep!

Have you brushed your child’s hair in her sleep? You’re not alone.


Reading Stories Out Loud while Falling Asleep

This one is just kind of funny because you hear yourself reading the story then saying something that makes absolutely no sense and realize you are falling asleep. This may be at bed time but usually happens when your child is up and ready to start the day and you just want another 30 minutes to sleep so, reading a book in bed becomes the compromise.


Eating Treats in the Bathroom

If you’re lucky enough to be left alone in the bathroom, you can eat some treats without sharing.
Look, you never HAVE to share treats with your child but the battle that will ensue from saying “No, this is MINE” is, most of the time, not worth it.


Wishing Your Child Was Still Rear Facing…

Only because then you could more easily sneak food in the car without her seeing. If I buy a cheesy bread stick at the grocery store, I don’t really want to share it. But, I really want to eat it now… not in the bathroom or hiding in a corner. Ok, fine, I’ll just share a little with you!


Bathroom Talk

Look, from the moment your child is born, you will be talking about someone else’s bowel movements more than you ever thought you would (well, maybe unless you’re a nurse.)

Until now, you’ve only had to be concerned with yourself. Now there’s a tiny little person whose #1s and #2s become your business… FOR YEARS! Even when they’re potty trained, you still have to remind them. (Kids have this funny thing where, if they’re having too much fun, they don’t want to run to the potty so they try to ‘hold it’. Ugh!)



Stop licking the couch! and other things you would never have never imagined.


Talking about How “It seems like just yesterday…”

grow 7
… “When I was wondering if she’d ever be able to pull her own pants down to go potty”…

“She used to be so tiny and all she did was stare at me. Now look at her! I can’t believe it’s been 3 years!”

We all get moments like these, parent or not. But when you are taking care of a little human, it seems to happen more often. The days can be tedious but, at the same time, it seems to by so quickly it’s unreal. So, despite all the odd things you now do and the lack of good sleep, you embrace it as best you can because, really, soon, they won’t need you … to remind them to go pee.