We’re Actually Working More Hours At Home Then We Did At The Office

We’re working an extra 28 hours per month and it's impacting our mental health…

The study, commissioned by LinkedIn in partnership with The Mental Health foundation, found that 56% are feeling more anxious or stressed, 24% are struggling with their mental health and nearly a third (31%) are having difficulty sleeping.

Almost half (47%) have faked being busy while working from home as they fear they may lose their job if they’re not.

The survey looked at 2,000 people now working from home since lockdown began and found that people are having a hard time switching between actual work and home time…

According to the research, a quarter (25%) feel pressured to be more available online and work longer than normal because of zoom.

The research is finding that ‘burnout’ is possible.

On the flip side; 44% says they now feel more connected to their family.  Working from home has also allowed more time for exercise and 17% report that they are eating better.

Over half of those surveyed (54%) can see the benefits of working from home and would like their employer to give them the option to do it more often when lockdown is over.