What colour Is Your Urine?

You may be dehydrated and not even know it.

You may not be drinking enough water, especially during these hot summer months… If you notice that your urine is a darker yellow- you may be dehydrated. Talking in beer, you need to drink at last 2.4 pints of water daily!

If you are getting enough water, your urine should be a very pale yellow or clear colour. There is a urine colour chart- if you want to ensure that you’re not dying!

If your urine is very dark, orange, red or brown- go to your doctor as that could mean something more serious!

To find out more about your urine, click here! 


Here’s a poem to help you determine if you’re drinking enough water!


The Pee Poem by Dale & Charlie

What colour is your pee,
what colour could it be?

If you find it’s dark yellow,
you’re a dehydrated fellow

If your pee is turning red
see a doctor, so you don’t get dead

If your pee’s a little green
Then Asparagus is on the scene

If your urine is very clear
You’re good to go, have a beer