What Do You Hear? ‘Laurel’ Or ‘Yanny’?

Another internet trend is helping people lose their minds!

Remember the Dress?

Now the Shoes?


People were trying to determine what colour they saw… Now, let’s step it up a notch with a sound!  People are now arguing whether they hear the voice say “laurel” or “Yanny”

Professor David Alais spoke with The Gaurdian and explains what is happening. He says: “The Yanny/Laurel sound is meant to be ambiguous because each sound has a similar timing and energy content – so in principle it’s confusable. All of this goes to highlight just how much the brain is an active interpreter of sensory input, and thus that the external world is less objective than we like to believe.”


The world is so obsessed, that even Ellen’s studio audience were distracted!