What do you want to know about Justin trudeau?

No Questions about his hair!

With the election getting close Google has put together the 5 most asked questions about Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau.
#1 His age,
Trudeau was born in Ottawa on Dec. 25th, 1971, he is 43
#2 His accomplishments, 
Snowboarding instructor,
Bouncer at a nightclub in Whistler, B.C
High school teacher at a private school in Vancouver 
Chair the youth volunteer program Katimavik,
Worked with the Canadian Avalanche Association 
Electoral success in the riding of Papineau.
And, of course, his victory over then Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau in the boxing ring. 
#3 His net worth
His personal fortune is valued at $1.2 million. Most of that money came in the form of an inheritance from his father, but some also came from paid speaking engagements that he gave before and after becoming a member of Parliament
#4 Who is his mother
Margaret Sinclair, the daughter of Liberal cabinet minister James Sinclair. She was born in Vancouver in 1948.  She met Pierre while vacationing in Tahiti.  After a brief courtship the two married at the Sinclair family home on March 4, 1971.  Three children quickly followed.
#5 What is is stance on Bill C-51
Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has strongly defended his party’s decision to vote in favour of controversial anti-terror legislation, saying he was acting in the “best interests” of Canadians.