What Does The Perfect Night Involve?

Wine is winning on a Friday night!

According to a new study of 2000 adults, found the perfect evening at home includes beer or a glass of wine, a relaxing bubble bath, and about 27 minutes browsing Instagram among other things.


The perfect night starts with finishing work by 5:52 pm, curry for dinner, and being curled up in front of the TV by 8:13 pm.


The perfect night also includes cheesecake at some point while watching three episodes of the latest must-watch show.


The research found that 73% of adults prefer a Friday night at home rather than a night out.


62% of people said that Friday night is the highlight of their week, and we start to look forward to it on Monday.

Other fun on a Friday night in includes:


Listening to music 33%
Reading a book 31%
Playing video games 11%
Drinking cocktails 11%
A massage 11%
talking on the phone with family 10%