What Gives People “The Icks”

What makes your skin crawl?

Have you’ve ever watched someone you’re attracted to do something completely normal but for whatever reason, it totally repulses you?  Then you’ve got a case of “the icks”


“The Ick” refers to that feeling you get when the behaviour of someone you love disgusts you. It’s not really rational, logical, or serious, but still, it totally grosses you out!

‘Linguistically, “icky” is a combination of the words “sick” and “ickle” (meaning little), in use in both the UK and USA from around the 1920s to mean either “sticky” or “overly emotional”. Over time, the word has evolved to mean “disgusting.”


Here are some examples of the Ick….

  • When your person slurps their coffee or soup
  • Watching someone inhale food, or talk with their mouth full of food
  • When husband smacks wife’s ass
  • When people make farting noises with their mouths
  • Small talk
  • Skinny jeans on dudes
  • Hungover girls in a puffer jacket
  • Boardgames
  • Baby talk!
  • Watching someone use a Q-tip