What have you learned?

Tasks we most struggle with are merging cell calls, setting up virtual meetings and other groups calls like on face time!


Prior to lockdown, an average of 74 minutes a day was spent using a mobile phone, but this has now increased by 24 minutes to 98 minutes.

Here are the top 10 tech issues we’ve had to figure out!


1.  What Zoom is, and how to use it.

2.  How to set up a group video chat.

3.  How to share a link for a virtual meeting.

4.  How to set up a group chat on WhatsApp.

5.  How to turn your camera off and on during a video call.

6.  How to add people to a group call.

7.  How to join a group chat on your phone.

8.  How to send a text to more than one person.

9.  How to make a phone call on a computer.

10.  How to mute your speaker on a video call.


A few more that just missed the top 10 were how to use emojis, how to use your speakerphone, and how to use a wireless printer.