What kids did before technology

Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer With These Tech-Free Activities

School is (almost) out for the summer! Looking for fun and technology-free ways to keep your kids busy? Here are some ideas inspired by our own childhoods.


Make an Epic Blanket Fort

Some things… such as blanket forts… you never grow too old for.


Play Out in the Rain

There’s nothing better than turning the outdoors into your own personal waterpark on a rainy day.


Get Crafty

Back in the early 90’s friendship bracelets were the craft of choice. Whatever your kid is into, crafts are a great way to bring out your artistic side and develop new skills.


Take A Trip To the Library

Assigned reading in school is one thing, but summer is made for the books you don’t get to read in school. And these days libraries are about so much more than just literature. Check out this awesome 3-D printer at the Innisfil Library!

How do you keep your kids busy over the summer?