What Kids Really Think of Fancy Cakes

After spending many hours making this special cake, what did my daughter think?

In April 2017, my daughter turned 4 years old and, because I was still at home on Maternity Leave, not working every day, I agreed to make her a fancy cake for her birthday.

She had seen the mermaid cake months before in Today’s Parent and REALLY REALLY wanted it. At one point, she asked for “a Scottish Mermaid cake”. Well, I couldn’t figure out how to make it Scottish so …

I made the cake over the course of a few evenings; baking the FOUR! cakes over two nights then icing it into the wee hours of the morning the day of her birthday.

Filling and icing the layers.

Testing the mermaid Barbie while the crumb-coat sets.
Unlike the original instructions, I didn’t use brown sugar for the sand because it just made me feel quesy thinking of how sweet it would be. Instead, I used graham crumbs. Those tasted great but didn’t stick to the icing as well as sugar would have!
Also- try finding sea shell chocolates when it’s not Christmas! OK, I didn’t actually check Shoppers but all the other places I did check didn’t have them. Pearlized almonds had to take the place of shells on the beach.


So, what did my beautiful four-year-old think of her mermaid cake? She came downstairs, saw the cake on the table and said “But Mummy, why did you make her another tail? She already has a tail!”

Uh-huh! It occurred to me at that moment that she would have been just as happy if I had stuck the mermaid Barbie on top of a sheet cake!

Oh well, I had fun making it!

… and eating it! Here’s my favourite cake recipe: CLICK HERE