What Mom’s Would Like For Valentine’s Day!

It has nothing to do with their partner!

According to new research, mom’s just want a little “me time” for Valentine’s day! A new poll of 1000 moms finds that feeling loved and special is all they need for V Day.


And a single afternoon to themselves probably won’t be enough.  The average mom would love to get at least 13 hours of “me time” a week, but it rarely happens.

A third of moms say they’d give up their phone for a MONTH to get more time to themselves on a regular basis.

And over half have even set reminders on their phone or calendar just to force the issue, and make sure they get in their “me time.”


Over half (55%) of moms admit they have spent far too much time with their partner and are looking for a little bit of a break and time for themselves, so it’s no surprise that the gift of “me-time” tops the charts of what moms want this February 14.