What NOT To Buy Your Partner!

Christmas presents that will only be trouble for your relationship!

Every year, couples struggle and stress to find that perfect gift for the sweetheart; only for it to all go wrong Christmas morning!

There are a few presents that you should avoid buying for your partner.


One of the most go-to presents for both men and women are underpants. Women tend to buy those fun holiday boxer briefs that will turn a man’s genitals into a reindeer, and men tend to buy those very impractical and useless sexy thongs for their woman.  Both of you-Stop waisting your money on underwear you don’t want!




Another gift to stay away from is gift cards- it’s thoughtless and it comes with a value which lets your partner know how much they are worth to you. $50, $75, $100?




Last Christmas my husband thought it was a great idea to buy me a Sangria container so I could make him drinks in the summer.  He also bought me a toothbrush.  Nothing quite says “your breath stinks” like a new toothbrush from your lover!


Merry Christmas and happy shopping!