What to Buy and Skip at Warehouse Stores…Like Costco!

Expert shoppers tell us how to spot the best deals at Big Warehouse stores like […]

Expert shoppers tell us how to spot the best deals at Big Warehouse stores like Costco…

There’s no denying that we love our Costco in Canada as if offers big savings on so many items. But casual or even weekly shoppers need to be careful when looking for the real deals… According to an article posted on today.com, The wholesale stores are known for their cheap prices and bulk items. In fact, it’s easy to go in and assume you’re getting a better deal than if you shopped at a grocery or specialty store…It’s fair to assume that because of the sheer size of the item-a larger quantity, that you are getting a deal. But are you going to use all the Ketchup?

Here’s a list of what you should buy and skip this summer!

BUY: Beach Chairs, A consumer savings expert says while you can find cheap basic chairs elsewhere, the quality aren’t as good…

SKIP: Sunscreen. Yup its expensive no matter what, but with the right coupons, sales and timing, you can save much more buying them at your local drug store or grocery store….

BUY: Beach Towels: Warehouse stores offer the best prices on beach towels this time of year. You can find good deals elsewhere, but only during end-of-the-season sales…Again, the quality is better at Costco! You can find towels at a dollar store, but they are so flimsy…

SKIP: Flip-Flops: Again the Flip-flop quality tends to be better, but given that most people replace their flip-flops every year, do you really need a high-end brand? Wait for the $1 flip-flop sale at Old Navy!

BUY: Charcoal- Yes! You’re buying a bigger quantity but it still works out being cheaper than your local grocery store…

You can easily find gigantic floats at warehouse stores, but for most of us, a basic blow-up lounger will suffice. Pick those up from Walmart instead, for a mere $8 to $20.

BUY: You’ll find high quality brand swimwear for less at warehouse stores, Costco wins this one for sure!

SKIP: Summer Produce: Even salad loving families will have trouble getting through six heads of romaine before it goes bad. There’s no point in buying produce bulk! And when you buy smaller quantities, you’re less likely to waste food.

BUY: Ground Beef… Quality is better and you can freeze excess for later.

SKIP: Tents. Those tents that are displayed hanging from the ceiling are pretty cool, however you’ll find a much better selection elsewhere….

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