What We All Do When We’re Alone!

What do you do when no one is around?

A new survey asked people if they enjoy being alone, and the majority of people seem too with the exception of 7% who say they hate it.  62% say they enjoy some alone time, but not all the time.


The survey asked a few question about what people do when they are alone to determine if we’re all doing the same thing.


Here are the results.


When asked, do you ever talk to yourself when you’re alone, 85% said yes.

87% of people say that they pick their nose when alone.

Do you pee with the door open when you have the house to yourself? 73% of people said yeah, why not!

When you’re alone and angry, do you ever practice arguing?  71% said yes.  And 76% of us also have full-blown conversations with our pets.

Do you ever make yourself CRY while you’re alone, because it just feels like you need to?  50% of people have done it.

Do you ever drink straight out of a milk carton if no one’s looking?  53% of us have.

Do you ever smell your armpits, and sort of enjoy it?  52% said yes.

70% also say that they enjoy lying around in a towel after a shower for awhile. 

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