What You Do with a Shopping Cart When You’re Done with It Says A Lot About You

Do you return or abandon it??

I’ve never understood how somebody in good conscience could abandon their shopping cart in the middle of a parking spot. I have been victim to somebody’s abandoned cart being carried away on a windy day into the side of my vehicle. (Caved in my door)

On Reddit, a user laid out a detailed description of a theory, that could is summed up briefly; “the shopping cart is what determines whether a person is a good or bad member of society.”

It’s in detail below…

There are (5) different types of cart users:

  1. Returners. These people always return their carts to the receptacle regardless of how far away they’ve parked or what the weather is like. They feel a sense of obligation and/or feel badly for the people responsible for collecting the carts.
  2. Never Returners. People who never return their carts. They believe it’s someone else’s job to get the carts or the supermarket’s responsibility, and show little regard for where the carts are left.
  3. Convenience Returners. People who will return their carts if they parked close to the receptacle, or if they see a cart attendant.
  4. Pressure Returners. People who will return their carts only if the cart attendant is present or if the adjacent car’s owner is present, which means they don’t have an easy avenue for abandoning their carts.
  5. Child-Driven Returners. These are people with children who view it as a game to return carts, often riding them back to the receptacle or pushing them into the stacked lines.