What’s a Bollard? Bradford Residents Are Finding Out

New traffic calming measure getting a test drive

Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury is trying some sleight of hand to get drivers on three streets to slow down.

Bollards…flexible posts…have been installed in the middle and at the sides of the western end of Line 7 in Bond Head, West Park Avenue between Holland Street and Huron Lane, and Northgate between Fox Run and Longview Drive. These are areas where there’s not enough traffic to warrant stop signs, but where speed has been an issue.

“Bollards are a promising method of reducing speed and we are hopeful that the project will show the same results in BWG that other municipalities have seen when using them,” said Mayor Rob Keffer. They remind drivers of the posted speed limit while giving the impression the road is narrower – encouraging them to slow down.

The bollards have several advantages over other traffic calming measures, including cost and durability. There is ample room for vehicles to drive between the bollards, so unlike speed bumps, vehicles using them correctly will not be impacted in any way. If a vehicle strikes one of the bollards, the post will flex to mitigate potential damage to the equipment and the vehicle.

The bollards will remain in place until November when they will be removed for winter. Prior to starting the project, the Town conducted traffic studies to establish baseline measurements of speed and volume. These tests will be repeated with the bollards in place to review whether the equipment is having the desired effect. Staff will report back to the Traffic Committee with the results. Once the Committee makes a resolution on how best to proceed it will be considered at a regular meeting of Council.