When Our Energy Level Peaks And Bottoms Out Each Day

When do you need that late-day coffee?

A new survey in England found our energy level peaks at 10:28 A.M. each day.  That’s when the average person feels like they have the most energy.  But then it plummets, and bottoms out around 2:43 P.M.

The survey also asked people to list things they feel like they’re just “too tired” to do on any given day.  It appears that people really hate exercise, because it made the Top 10 twice.


1.  Exercise.

2.  Clean the house.

3.  Have sex.

4.  Put your clean clothes away.

5.  Cook dinner.

6.  Go for a walk.

7.  Go out to meet up with friends.

8.  Wash the dishes.

9.  Go to the gym to exercise.  (It’s ironic it made the list twice, because working out actually gives you more energy in the long run.)

10.  Go to a friend’s place to hang out.


A few more that cracked the Top 20 were reading, showering, and answering the phone.