When Will The Rain Bring Relief?

Barrie Has Seen Less Than Half Of What Usually Falls By This Point

Searing heat and dry conditions have lead to a slew of fire bans across the region, and the only thing that could correct that is rain.

But when will it come?

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Barrie and Simcoe County have seen significantly less rainfall so far this summer than in years previous, according to Environment Canada Meteorologist Gerald Chang “We really didn’t have much. We only got 40 per cent of what we should have for the city” Chang says about the rainfall in Barrie in late June. He adds the city sees an average of 77mm of rainfall in June, but this year only saw 33mm.

Thus far, July seems to be following the same pattern: “So far for July, one third of the month is gone, and we’ve only got one tenth of what we should get as far as rainfall.”

Asked if he could foresee some rain bringing relief, “It’s difficult because it’s summer. And in summer, we really only have rain in thunderstorms most often, and as we all know, thunderstorms can be very hit and miss.”