Where to See The Hip’s Long Time Running Documentary…

Opening in theatres tomorrow...

The long awaited Tragically Hip Documentary, Long Time Running which chronicles the emotional lead up through to the epic last show of the iconic Canadian band’s now legendary 2016 tour will be seen for the first time at the Toronto International Film Festival tonight.

The good news is, Long Time Running opens in theatres across Canada September 14th.

Where & When:

  • Galaxy Cinema Barrie-South, Thursday Sept. 14 @ 7pm
  • Galaxy Cinema Barrie-South, Monday Sept. 18 @ 7pm
  • Galaxy Cinema Orillia, Monday Sept. 18 @ 7pm
  • Galaxy Cinema Midland, Monday Sept. 18 @ 7pm
  • Galaxy Cinema Collingwood, Monday Sept. 18 @ 7pm

The bad news is…

Netflix has obtained the rights to stream Long Time Running unfortunately their deal is excluding Canada. It will debut on Netflix (outside of Canada) on Nov. 29.