Which type of Facebook user are you?

2 billion users, what type of user are you?

Brigham Young University has conducted a study asking why people use the social media platform and the study revealed the answer with 4 main types of users.

Relationship builders:

These people use Facebook to maintain their real life relationships. They most identified with the statement: “Facebook helps me to express love to my family and lets my family express love to me.”

Town Criers

These people use Facebook to push their agenda and news on their friends. According to the study they are quote: “pushing out information.”


These people are those who use Facebook for self promotion, like Internet celebrities or those who have a personal brand.

Window Shoppers

These people are those who just get on Facebook everyday to see what everyone else is doing. They identify with the statement: “I can freely look at the Facebook profile of someone I have a crush on and know their interests and relationship status.”