Who thinks Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool is worth of an Oscar?

Apparently a lot of people…. Big name celebrity friends to Ryan like Huge Jackman have […]

Apparently a lot of people…. Big name celebrity friends to Ryan like Huge Jackman have been out in Hollywood campaigning for the filthy, violent, hilarious movie to be nominated for a Best Picture Academy Award.  Reynolds’ chances of landing one of the 10 spots open for Best Picture at the Academy Awards improved recently with his Producers Guild of America (PGA) nomination. That Best Picture nod to Deadpool is important, because movies nominated for a PGA award usually get nominated for an Oscar, too.  Deadpool is entirely worthy of Oscar consideration. The movie was a hit with fans and critics, and has the sort of box office — close to $800 million — to prove it.  It’s the highest-grossing R-rated movie ever, too, for whatever that’s worth.

Have you ever wanted to see James Bond kicking ass in a superhero movie? Deadpool 2 might make it happen.
The latest rumours on social media have Bond legend Pierce Brosnan in the mix to play time-travelling mutant Nathan Summers (aka Cable) in the upcoming Deadpool sequel.


Lady Gaga Tour coming soon!

It’s being reported that after the Super Bowl halftime show, Lady Gaga will announced her newest tour! Gaga herself took to twitter with this message…Lady Gaga’s tour is already booked and to be annoucenred after the #PepsiHalftime Get your coins ready!


Jaden Smith fails his driving test and has a mini meltdown….

Jaden Smith took to Instagram Live to declare his plans to leave Los Angeles, after failing his driving test. Smith started the live stream with “It’s going to be so funny to tell my dad that I failed straight up.” And then…he did…this:

“Everybody follow your heart, you know what I’m saying? Do exactly what you want to do, be the you that you want to be. I’m about to move out of L.A. There’s a lot of bad things here. Create the life you want for yourself, you know? Don’t try to be somebody else. It’s hard these days to really create the life you want for yourself because there’s nobody really here that’s really, like, supporting the youth or the youth’s creativity…and how they wanna live life.” Just typical things people who fail their driving tests say, ya know?  The event was so stressful that Mom and Dad had to take Jaden and his sister to Hawaii for a break….