Who will replace Alec Baldwin as Trump on SNL?

Johnny Depp says he's up for the challenge

Alec Baldwin has said his days playing Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live are limited, which raises the question: who will be his replacement?

Johnny Depp is up for the task. He was on Ellen earlier this week and she asked if he’d be a willing replacement. He said, “Sure. Basically, Alec’s done all the work. I can just copy him.”

Johnny Depp is no stranger to impersonating the Donald. He played Trump in Funny or Die’s 50-minute biopic, “The Art of the Deal: The Movie”.

Earlier this year, Alec Baldwin said he would continue to play Trump through to the end of this season, but his schedule will dictate whether or not he will be able to reprise his role in future episodes.Whether or not SNL will actually recruit Johnny Depp to play Trump remains to be seen.