Why Experts Say That You Don’t Need To Water Your Grass

So the only reason for a sprinkler is to jump through!

It’s certainly true that grass watered daily will stay green — but just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should, and experts almost universally advise against using a sprinkler on the lawn.


Firstly, it’s anti-social. Water waste has been front and centre for the environmental issues, and households that pour hundreds of gallons into their garden could lead to officials announcing a water ban.


Secondly, it’s a waste of effort better used elsewhere. Grass is a hardy plant which, in our climate, is almost impossible to kill. A lawn that looks parched today will quickly recover during a spell of wet weather.


Experts say,
In nature, the weakest are always the most vulnerable. That means juvenile and new plants, which have yet to properly establish themselves, need the most looking after.  In current conditions, anything you’ve planted in the past couple of years ought to be given extra help.

Beyond that, your priority should be the vegetables which are most vulnerable to drought.

So if you must water, when is the right time? 4am experts say…

Turning on the hose when the sun’s beating down is pointless: on a warm windy day, 18 per cent of water can evaporate before it even hits the ground. In extreme conditions, water drops can even act as a sort of magnifying glass, scorching healthy leaves.

Logic dictates that gardeners should do the job at dusk, giving water plenty of time to work its way into the soil. The problem with this is that due to this common practise, lots of people do it. This means a huge water supply is being used around 7pm.