Why IKEA’s New TV Ad is So Clever

It's a new spin on an old iconic commercial...

In 2002, IKEA produced a simple TV ad about a red desk lamp. Although it worked and appeared to look perfectly fine, it was discarded at roadside as if it were trash.

The IKEA voice guy reassured us that, “the lamp has no feelings.”  

The message then is now a complete opposite of today’s message. The current IKEA TV ad shows that same red lamp from the roadside trash pile 16 years ago. A young girl discovers the red lamp, takes it home, installs a new light bulb and realizes it still works.

Using the same red lamp the young girl did her homework, played board games and read stories with Mom.

The IKEA voice guy admits it’s “not crazy to feel happy for this lamp, reusing things is much better.” 

In the end IKEA delivers this message: We’ve put a new spin on an old iconic commercial from 2002 because the more we reuse, the more we light the way for a better future. Learn more about our initiatives to give old furniture a new life at ikea.ca/beautifulpossibilities.