Why Some Are Suggesting That We Are Buying Too Many Clothes Every Year!

I don't think I can stop!

If you live in Canada, the need to buy seasonal clothing is necessary! We need coats, boats, hats etc….But why do we feel the need to buy new stuff every few months? Sales are hard to resist and they happen often.

According to American Express and Nectar, men actually spend more than women- up to 43% more per year.

While women tend to buy clothing and lots of it, men tend to spend more on personal grooming and tech stuff…

Think about this, everything we buy will affect the environment. For example, to produce the two billion pairs of jeans, Denim made each year, 7,000 litres of water is used.

A t-shirt manufacturer needs an average amount of water that we drink over the course of 900 days…

Fast fashion has devastating effects on low-wage workers in developing countries—causing river and soil pollution, pesticide contamination, disease and, in some cases – death. Our new garments come at a humanitarian and environmental cost.