Why you keep getting all those gross boogers

Boogers, boogies, snotters, nose goblins, snot rockets, crusties -- no matter what you call dried nasal mucus, you know what it feels like to have nostrils full of it.

I love science!

How well do you know the ins and outs of boogers? Where do they come from, what benefits can they possibly impart, and why are they even a thing?

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Boogers begin their lives as nothing more than mucus. While the word “mucus” may inspire revulsion, it’s a normal (as well as vital) part of your biology…

It starts in your sinuses — and even though you’re usually only aware of your sinuses when they flare up and become a symbol of hell on earth, they’re actually working hard every day to maintain good health.

It turns out that sinuses aren’t totally hollow after all; they’re lined with a pinkish membrane that manages to produce mucus all day and all night. In fact, your respiratory tract produces about a quart of slime each day. Most of it disappears without a second thought down your throat (yum!),

Breathing invariably means you’re sucking up garbage that you definitely don’t want in your body, including viruses, bacteria, and fungus — not to mention dust, dirt, pollen, and other tiny foreign particles.

Boogers come in all forms, and while some minor dried mucus isn’t anything to write home about, some snot rockets are colorful, or impressively big, or are so dried out they become impacted in your nose. Neat!