Wife Is Convinced That Her Husband Is Cheating Because He Started Shaving Again!

Can you call out a cheating partner based on manscaping?

The concerned wife took to Netmums,  to ask if she should be worried about her husband not being faithful after she noticed that he was now tidying up his “downstairs’ area, now that he’s back to work.


The anonymous woman wrote: “So my husband has shaved his pubes usually every six weeks or so, anyway he last did it end of feb/early March and then hasn’t touched them since he has been working from home due to coronavirus.

“On Monday he said he has to go back into work (I asked why he said his boss asked and he said yes) only two of them in the office at a time so it’s him going to be alone with one woman in the morning and another in the afternoon.


“Anyway skip to tonight and he’s in the shower shaving away which to me seems coincidental that he’s back to work next week.”


Tough call!