William Shatner Wins “All Horse Semen” In Divorce

You can have it all, just not my horse semen!

William and his now 4th ex-wife Elizabeth split up last year and with the split came the dividing of assets!  Their most valuable assets are their animals…

William has always had and loved horses. In fact; he wrote a book!

As part of the settlement, William gets two horses and two dogs and Elizabeth takes another two horses.

Shatner breeds horses and has for years, so with that said- William gets “all horse semen” and equipment linked to his stables in California.  Shatner will also keep the ranch in Three Rivers.

Spirit of the Horse, by William Shatner

Elizabeth will have to settle for the homes in Malibu, Kentucky and her families farm in Indiana.  Liz is also said to get the keys to some of the cars…

Shatner is ready to saddle up again as a judge has already signed off on the divorce!