Win Her Heart with Valentine’s Themed Food

Doritos Ketchup Roses are an instant winner

Let’s begin with something that’s extremely hard to find because they’re SO DAMN GOOD! Doritos limited edition Ketchup — Roses

Of course according to this, they’re sold out. Which is all the more reason to make MORE guys come on!

Come in to Hooters on February 14th and Shred Your Ex for free wings, but you better not let your current partner know you STILL have pics of your ex!








The KFC Chicken Gram contest allows you to send a bucket of the Colonel’s fried chicken to the special one in your life. This would warm even the coldest of hearts on a winter’s night.

A personal fav of mine, how can you go wrong with pizza? You can’t actually. Boston Pizza has been doing February 14th right for years with their heart-shaped za!