Woman Can’t Hear A Man’s Voice!

It's rare and temporary!

There’s a women in China who has a rare condition….She was recently diagnosed with a rare medical condition that leaves her unable to hear the voice of a man!

Hearing loss can and is devastation for hearing people-but image going to bed one night and waking up not being able to hear the sound of a man’s voice…

Ms. Chen said that is what happened to her- she woke up and could no longer hear her boyfriend’s voice.  Ms. Chen went to see her ear, nose and throat specialist who is female- but when a man walked into the clinic, Ms. Chen was unable to hear his voice!

The condition is called “reverse-slope hearing loss,”  which means she can only hear high frequencies, which explains why she is unable to hear low frequencies, like male voices. The condition is believed to affect only one in 13,000 patients with hearing problems.

The condition is temporary and is believed to be caused by stress!