Woman, Man, Small Child Disappear Into Field After Crash, Before Vehicle Theft

Police Concerned For Child's Well Being

South Simcoe Police have a real mystery on its hands. Officers responded to reports of a vehicle rollover on Yonge near Line 2 in Innisfil, around 10:00 Sunday night, arriving to find a witness still on scene. That witness told police he spoke to a woman waiting near the crash, who had claimed she was the only one in the vehicle at the time. The witness says that woman met up with a man and small child, then walked into a farm field and out of view. Shortly afterwards, police were tipped off about the theft of a pickup truck at a farm near the scene of the crash, while the truck was recovered in Bradford early this morning. Witnesses to the crash are asked to contact police, while anyone with information on this should do the same, as there’s concern the young child may require medical attention following the rollover.