Woman Spends $27K On Massive My Little Pony Collection

That's a lot of ponies!

Beatrice Salt is a 27-year-old woman obsessed with My little pony, so much in fact, that her collection currently takes up 75% of a room in her house and has already cost her $27 thousand dollars!


Beatrice says that the ponies, which were made popular in the 1980s TV series are worth it, as they provide comfort that is priceless.


Beatrice says that she used to get bullied a lot, so the collection gave her something to focus on.  

The trouble with the collection is that Beatrice has accumulated a lot of debt purchasing the ponies, using her mortgage savings and student loans to buy memorabilia.


And if you’re thinking, the collection must be worth a fortune, think again.  Beatrice says she’s spent more than it’s worth.


According to ‘B,’ the collection is worth $16,300. The collection consists of 580 ponies with the most expensive one worth $400.  

She wants to buy every pony available and one day open a My Little Pony museum!