Women On Average Will Have Six Best Friends In Their Lifetime!

How many ride or die friend's have you had?

New research by The Book of Everyone has found that the average woman will have six best friends over their lifetime!

The study found that the average BFF relationship will last on average about 16 years, which is pretty good considering that the average romantic relationship tops out at 10 years.

Besties beat out your romantic partner is other ways also…

One in ten women admit that they have more fun with their best friend than their significant other.  47% of women wish they could spend more time with their bestie.

One in four women also acknowledged that their best friend knows them better than their romantic partner.

Here’s why perhaps”

Women spend 67% more time improving their romantic relationships compared to their friendships.

The reason woman end up with more than one bestie is due to major changes in their lives.  Moving away, leaving university or even starting a family or new job!

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