Women Only Resort Coming Soon!

No Boys allowed!

There are many things currently just for women. Women-only fitness centres, social clubs and even taxis, so why not an Island?

Kristina Roth was named on Forbes’ list of fastest-growing women-run businesses in 2016. She is the lady behind SuperShe Island, an exclusive resort located off the coast of Finland. It’s a luxury retreat only for women that’s scheduled to open in June. It’s an all-inclusive resort that won’t come cheap if you want to go. First, you have to be vetted. Roth says that there will be a screening process that will include a Skype interview. Once you pass that test, you’ll be shelling out about $3,500 US for a week!

Roth insists that there is no ‘man-hating’ behind the women-only policy and that in future, she has no problem with male guests, but the island will first and foremost be for SuperShe community members and women.

Check it out!