Women Spend A Small Fortune To Go To Their Office Christmas Parties!

It’s not just the traditional expenses that are chipping away at your bank account, your office holiday party will cost you also!

New research says that it costs the average woman just shy of $400 to get ready for the office Christmas Party!

The cost factors in, travel, accommodations, money spent on hair, makeup, nails and the outfit.  And over a working lifetime of parties, that will equal around 23 grand!

Fashion retailer in the UK Oasis, surveyed their customers to find out what it takes to get ready for an office get together.

Almost everyone asked said they buy a new outfit for the work Christmas Party every year with the average dress or outfit costing upwards of $400 including accessories. 

92% of women say they pay to get their hair and makeup done!

Almost half of women said that they start planning their holiday outfits in November.

Just 8% say they leave it to the last week before deciding what to wear.