Woodstock 50 Cancelled!

We still have Roxodus!

The Woodstock 50 festival, set for Aug. 16 to 18 in Watkins Glen, NY, has been cancelled, organizers said Monday.

Organizers say that they don’t think that can pull off the event worthy of the “Woodstock” name plus there are health and safety concerns for the artists, partners and attendees.

The festival was going to be headlined by The Killers, Dead and Co., Imagine Dragons and Jay-Z and was to feature a diverse line-up of acts that includedMiley Cyrus, Chance the Rapper and Halsey.  Original Woodstock performers John Fogerty, John Sebastian, David Crosby, Canned Heat and Country Joe McDonald were scheduled to attend.

Tickets for the event were scheduled to go on sale April 22nd, but never did!

That’s ok, there is still an epic music festival happening near us, Roxodus goes July 11th-14th!  Tickets