March 6 is World Lymphedema Day.
Restorative Massage Therapy, my massage and Lymphedema therapy practice, will be joining Lymphedema Association of Ontario at Royal Victoria Hospital on March 6th to raise Lymphedema awareness. We will have an information table set up with pamphlets and fliers about Lymphedema.

Approximately 380,000 Ontario residents currently suffer from Lymphedema.  Lymphedema is a chronic swelling of a body part caused by an accumulation of lymph fluid. It can result from cancer treatment, surgery, trauma or a genetic deficiency that has affected one’s lymph nodes. Though not curable it can be managed with effective intervention including self-care. If left uncontrolled it can become a debilitating condition. Lymphedema Association of Ontario (LAO) is a patient-advocacy organization committed to providing resources and information to those affected by lymphedema. The LAO operates a therapist listing where patients can find certified lymphedema therapists in the area suitable for them. Awareness, for patients, caregivers and health-care providers, is key to combatting this challenging condition. Raising lymphedema awareness would touch persons without lymphedema but at risk, and those with it but unaware. It would also recognize the significant burden imposed by this condition on those currently diagnosed as well as their caregivers.