World’s Biggest Gathering Of Nigels Attracts Over 400 People With The Name!

What happens when you have to call out for your Nigel?

Some 433 people with the same name gathered at a pub over the weekend to ‘celebrate Nigelness’.  The party was in Worcestershire and is believed to have set the record for the number of Nigels gathered in one spot at one time!

The event was organized by a man named Nigel Smith with the hopes to help put the name back on the map.

He also says that he wanted to get a few Nigels together in the same room to share Nigel stories and celebrate Nigelness…

Nigel Smith started this event a few years back after learning that in the area where he lived, there had been no babies born and named Nigel in 2016. 


All Nigels were required to prove their credentials with a passport or driver’s licence, and anyone who did was rewarded with a free pint and a Nigel badge. Everyone else was given a non-Nigel badge.