Would You PAY For This Freezing Experience?

I mean, talk about a KOOL price tag. GET IT!?

Talk about an amazing, but COLD experience!

A temporary hotel is opening at the NORTH POLE in April 2020 and YOU could stay there under the aurora borealis.

North Pole Igloos Hotel will be made of ten different domes, all heated, which guests can saw some logs under the frozen Arctic Ocean.

You could see polar bears! Don’t TOUCH EM!

It’s a Finnish luxury hotel, and comes from CEO and founder of  Luxury Action, Janne Honkanen.
You’ll get with your package:

  1. A two night stay in Svalbard, the last town between Norway and the North Pole.
  2. Flights and logistics covered TO and FROM the North Pole
  3. Few nights say at the North Pole Igloos Hotel
  4. All meals and GUIDES covered.

The price tag? HEAFTY. It’ll run ya 138 THOUSAND DOLLARS!


What you’ll be flown in on!

Would you go for this if you had the cash?

Why not?

I’d do it in a heartbeat. It’s a ONCE in a lifetime opportunity.