Yes, Spain’s Army Looks Like That

Those sexy uniforms are for real.

When I saw this tweet, I thought, “There’s no way this is real. There’s no way an ARMY would dress like this.” I mean, it looks like someone dressing up as “Hot Spanish Army Guy” for Halloween.


Jill Filipovic posted two photos of what she said is the Spanish Army. She said:

Spain is deploying its army to help manage their coronavirus outbreak and not to be insensitive at an anxiety-inducing time but uh… I think I speak for all New Yorkers when I say, Spain, hi, can you deploy some of that in our direction? We will comply with your orders.

So, I did what I do before I share something online: I searched for corroborating sources. And, at first, I thought I’d uncovered a Tweet of Misinformation. But then… I found it.


The Guardian reported in January 2018 that this is one of Spain’s most famous units, an elite infantry regiment called Members of La Legión, which was founded almost a century ago. They are nicknamed the Bridegrooms of Death. They’re known for those distinctive uniforms, I’d say less for them being pastel, as The Guardian points out, and more so because of the chest baring aspect.

Not that we’re complaining…

Image: Jill Filipovic/ Twitter